Dr Henry Bond

I am currently preparing my book about my 40 years in the art world. It does have some good stories and anecdotes in it and will be worth a flick. The book either starts with me age eighteen at Mario Testino's flat at 10 Lambeth Bridge Road with him insisting that I strip naked in front of him so he can see what I have got. Or else it starts with me age twenty going on a date to Alastair Little with Maureen Olga Paley (fourteen years my senior) as she attempts to seduce me. Another possible opening is me age nineteen as the student rep on Damien Hirst's interview to get into Goldsmiths College: what a performance that was. Or another starting point: Derek Jarman's beautiful philosophy of life and advice-to-voyeurs given to me age twenty-one as he chatted me up in February 1988 in West Berlin at two AM in a near-deserted ballroom overlooking the Tiergarten. Most of the stories are just funny (to me at least) some are fascinating (I think) and others are disturbing and perhaps even troubling.