I want to see your Benjamin Stares Back book.

I am looking for your biography of Cindy Sherman on Amazon.com

I am looking for your biography of Cindy Sherman on Amazon.co.uk

Is there a page on the MIT Press website about you?

Can I review your submission to the Research Excellence Framework aka REF 2014?

I am looking for your author page on Amazon.co.uk

I am interested in finding a link to your author page on Amazon.com

Where is your Kingston University faculty page?

I need to download A Short History of Photography by Walter Benjamin.

I need a PDF of your book of photographs The Cult of the Street for research purposes.

I am looking for the details of the Kingston Photography Master's Degree.

I would like to visit your blog.

I am searching for Mark Durden's Fifty Key Writers on Photography which includes your entry on the German theorist and critic Siegfried Kracauer.

Do you know if Fifty Key Writers is available to read on Google books?

I want to order a copy of the paperback edition of Lacan at the Scene.

I am looking for a link to the website that your class of 2014 graduates made?

I would like to read Lacan at the Scene on Google books.

I want to buy Lacan at the Scene in Japanese translation.

Where can I consult an overview of your research from a reliable source?