Exercise Iron

Above: A soldier from C Squadron Household Cavalry Regiment using a pair of binoculars during Exercise Iron Scout 3. Credit: Crown Copyright/MOD.

A Man with Binoculars

Unless he is on a battlefield, or watching a cricket match, a man looking through binoculars these days is generally considered to be be a creep, a perv up to no good.

What is he scrutinizing so avidly? Is it pre-pubescent girls? Is it is the neighbour's wife changing in her bedroom? Is it next-door's buxom teenage daughter? It is not known for sure, but either way, if you want to use binoculars today you'd better be feeling resilient and up to soaking up a good few dirty looks and "Mr Fitzpervert" comments--whether you are "birdwatching" or not. It's gotten to the point that just reaching for one's trusty "binos" is enough to cause consternation, groans, and appalled looks--and these all from close family members!

For myself, I enjoy using binoculars, and I'm not ashamed. They help me see more: more visual details of things that are quite far away. Sometimes I can get away with pulling my Nikon Aculons out, but when I begin to screw them into a photo-tripod .. Well, that is when I have .. crossed the line of the bounds of acceptability.

(2 August 2018)