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Information: was begun on 25 January 2018. The site is currently hosted at, although it is also accessible via the domain if you prefer to use that address for a link or similar. The subject matter sticks mainly to photography in its expanded social context--any photo or photo-video type topic is of interest to me including developments in social media, new technology, and so forth. The general subject matter might otherwise be described as media theory.

Critical Theory: on the masthead copy I use the term "critical theory." Me personally, I use that term to describe all and any critical theorizing, I don't restrict the term to its correct historical specificity. I just like that term to describe theory, and there is not a better phrase or term that I know of. So, to any sticklers, my apologies.

Frequency: the frequency of new posts is not absolutely determined. New posts appear whenever I locate something to comment on. I am always on the look-out for post ideas so please do write to me if you have an idea for a topic that you would like to read my thoughts on.

Design: the design of is by Henry Bond. There are a number of web-design websites which list oscopic as one of their clients. This is incorrect and untrue information. The sole and only designer of the website is Henry Bond. The rationale for the site was to limit the code to a few lines of HTML only. One sees these days, personal websites with more than two-thousand lines of code, just for the index page. Much of the copious code used by the popular proprietary design-your-own-website, and/or blog systems, is unnecessary and bogus. The design of is intended to demonstrate that the code can be pared back, stripped back. The basic idea of the World-Wide Web (making information shareable) works best with less code, not more, in my opinion.

Images: I get relevant images from wherever I can, including Commons and Pexels. When I am writing about a specific photo-image then I claim fair-use when reproducing it, with my fair-use rationale being academic study and debate. The photo-illustrations are in portrait format because my assumption is that the majority of readers will be reading on a smartphone. (The image pros-out perfectly and pleasingly on my Galaxy Note 9.) For those reading on a laptop, the index to the smartphone remains, which I happen to like.

(18 December 2018)