Above: Relaxation space Kintaro Himeji branch, 24 January 2009. Credit: Copse Reviver.

A Daily Practice

A day is the basic unit of life. It's the basic unit of life for all humans. As regards art practice, one sometimes hears the phrase "a daily practice." A daily practice in simple terms is one which bears in mind the fact that any art practice is inevitably dived into increments of days. And add to this the fact that each lived day is itself unique and different from all others--in time and space etc.

Given that each lived day is different from the last, and from the next, one definite way to "handle" this is for the artist to let the day change (the mood, the light, the atmosphere) while keeping the artistic brief constant.

One very "conceptual" way of thinking about photo-art practice and days, is to make a photo each day at a certain time over a month or two--say, 4 pm or 11:30 pm (so you would end up with, say, sixty photos). It could be a self-portrait or it could be a photo taken wherever you are at that time on each day. Let the day be the mechanism or force that changes the mood, the light, the atmosphere. Keeping the same camera through the allocated block of days will emphasise the fact that creatively the artist is reacting anew each day to whatever it throws up, or throws off--its uniqueness. It would be easy to say that this type of approach to photography is diaristic but it's not really so, it's just .... a daily practice.

(11 January 2019)