Sergio Valle Duarte

Above: A small earthquake. Credit: Sergio Valle Duarte.

Disturbing Mini-Brief

Ask at least 20 people you know to send to you a photo that they find disturbing. The origin of this brief is the warning that is sometimes seen around: "contains images that some may find disturbing." It's very hard to predict what a person will find visually disturbing. So it's interesting to find out with some actual evidence being collected. This is the research stage of the brief. Once you have all twenty (minimum) photos, print them out, and pin them to a wall--a curated display-wall--and give yourself some time mulling on what you have received. Then, at least 24 hours after the initial pin-up, make some notes towards a photo that you will now make as a response to this brief. It will be a photo that is in some way inspired by, or triggered-off by, the wall of photos that you had come in.

(21 February 2019)