The One perfume

Above: An image from the recent fashion campaign for D&G perfume The One. Credit: Franco Pagetti.

The One

The photo-journalist photographer Franco Pagetti (not usually a fashion photographer) has been shooting several adverts for fashion label Dolce and Gabbana over the last two years. Pagetti's photos for the recent launch of the D&G perfume "The One for Women," are shot in the style of candid urban street photos inspired by Federico Fellini. One of the photos, of Emilia Clarke (from Game of Thrones and the face of The One) seemingly captured at an al fresco family meal, is a truly Freudian image (illustrated above).

In the landscape format photo-image, the desirable young beauty Clarke is opposed and mirrored by a much older woman. The proposition in the advert is something like "The One .. to be worn by the beauty of the family." In almost all fashion photography the figure of the mother-in-law, or mother, is generally suppressed and avoided. The beauty of a young woman will generally radiate across a brand's products without encumbrance. However, in Pagetti's photo, encumbrance is unavoidable and startlingly present: the older woman represents the Freudian return-of-the-repressed: family context-and-history (guiding--sometimes controlling--every romantic young woman, is an older, wiser woman); or the ravages of time (the second older woman is simply Emilia as she will be in fifty years).

(9 February 2018).