A drone

Above: A drone with mounted camera. Credit: Powie.

The Mischievous Drone Operator

Within the field of photographers, the most squalor-ridden are often identified: the paparazzo, the pornographer, the voyeur, the upskirter, etc. But now enters a newcomer: the shabby and petulant figure of the mischievous amateur drone operator whose flying eye is generally an unwelcome sight. At the heart of the-amateur-drone-pilot-as-social-irritant is the pointlessness of the flown video-recording missions he undertakes: add hoc surveillance and reconnaissance missions over the neighbour's garden; HD aerial footage of the local shops; closely following a group of walkers in a field, etc. The amateur drone pilot tends to be always flying missions that are either pointless, or otherwise an intrusive nuisance: over parks, sports stadia, at the beach, etc. Prying and snooping, invading private space, and generally causing a troubling annoyance--these are the basic interests of the mischievous amateur drone pilot. This diverse group of vexing four-flushing codgers--photo-practitioners--are the newest members of the club of the Worst of Photography.

(28 October 2019)