Above: A work by Yayoi Kusama. Credit: Kusama.

Selfie Enablers

Today, if you want lots of people to come and visit your enterprise, then enabling them to make an unusual and distinctive selfie upon arrival, is one way to encourage the crowds.

These days the smartphone user has always got one eye on his or her next social-media post. Making that job all the easier is a benefit to the smartphone user, especially if the post bestows on them a certain minor kudos-and-novelty factor (this can improve the number and content of received-comments below-the-post).

This new dynamic (since 2012) has been well understood by, for example, Madame Tussauds wax museum in London: people only go these days to do selfies as-if-with famous historical figures. The same has also been understood by those tasked with the creative project of the Oxford St. and Regent St. Christmas lights: this year the lights were very photogenic and selfie-friendly.

So too, many public art museums and galleries are also now tending to include a selfie-friendly artwork as part of any show. The most notable example of this trend are the shows by Yayoi Kusama. Her works are extremely photogenic and popular with selfie-makers to the extent that visitor viewing-time-limits have to be imposed in each room. The visitors do love Kusama's work and photographing it and making selfies with it is one principal aspect of how their love manifests itself.

(5 January 2019)