Nikon F3

Above: A Nikon F3 (detail). Credit: James Fisher III.

£3000 Upgrades

A "pro" digital camera costs £1500-3000. That is too much. It's too much to afford. To be honest, for me personally, and for many of my students also, about £200-300 is more of the sort of price range that suits--about ten percent of the amount that they want from you in PCWorld. There really is no necessity to spend thousands on a camera: don't get sucked in to their marketing con. There is a secondary con in operation too: the expensive camera-body is supposed to be upgraded to current tech--much like the smartphone--about once a year. The initial £3000, and the upgrades--which makes it £3000 per year--are really not essential expenses for serious photography. For example, I still use a Nikon D200 for digital photography, which currently retails at £80 in CEX. But I prefer film cameras. For me the best manual bodies are Nikon--Nikon FM2 or Nikon F3. An FM2 can be bought with a guarantee from a dealer for about £200, an F3 is about £400. And there is no upgrade cycle. You buy ... you own it ... and that's it. It should last about 20-30 years.

(2 March 2019)