James herner photographs

Above: a selection of signed limited-edition photographs by James Herner. Credit: Oscopic.

Taking it Back to the Street

Photographer James Herner, a graduate of LCC Photography BA, (Professor Julian Rodriguez was his tutor), has decided that the best route to potential customers for signed original photos is the most direct one. Herner sells his street photography straight off the pavement--£10 for signed limited-edition A3 photo. (Many young singer-songwriters and bands take a similar approach in London: just setting up and beginning to play anywhere--more of a promotional-and-marketing gig, than traditional busking-for-pennies.)

Herner has been selling well. Good days for sales depend on things like the weather, and maybe the national mood. (Weekends are good and warm weekends are best.) Plenty of people stop and chat to him, and some do buy. James's bold approach to fine-art photography selling is drastic but effective. His potential customers arrive with a little curiosity, and are soon learning more about his edgy Havana street-scenes and sensual portraits. On High Street Kensington, a classic haunt, the passers-by often purchase, and they are getting an authentic image at a true bargain price. Street photography taken back to the street: the circle is now complete.

(29 April 2018)