Trump inauguration day

Above: An aerial-photo looking towards the White House about forty-minutes before Trump's inauguration speech, 20 January 2017. Credit: Reuters/public domain.

Irrational Act

The world was waiting to see what sort of President, Trump would turn out to be. Trump himself might well have had no idea either--it was "uncharted territory" as was often repeated at the time of his election to High Office. It was on the Monday after the inauguration (23 January 2017), that the timbre of the presidency became clear for the first time. Trump sent out his press staff to argue that official aerial-photos of the inauguration showed that the crowds attending his event were significantly higher than the number who attended Obama's inauguration. (A claim that was a provable falsehood.) The White House press staff, memorably Kellyanne Conway ("these are alternative facts"), and Sean Spicer, were required to dissemble in a hopelessly fumbling attempt at State disinformation. The horrifying realization was not perhaps that the State was lying to the people, or even that the new US President was already lying on his first full-day in the job, but that he was lying to the people, and attempting a disinformation campaign, on a matter that could not possibly be motivated by anything other than personal vanity. The official parks aerial-photo (taken 40 minutes before the Presidential speech) has passed into photo-history (where it shall remain) for the reason of it being the subject of Trump's first patently irrational act as President.

(1 October 2018)