Kim selfie

Above: A Kim K selfie post from 7 March 2016. The original post carried Kim's caption: "When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL [laugh out loud]." Credit: Kim K.

Kim K: Photographer

When the yet-to-be-written histories of photography-in-the-twenty-first-century are prepared, it is very likely that the second decade (this present decade) will be represented with a photo by a previously unknown photographer, an arriviste on the scene ... Kim K.

Decry (SOED: denounce, suppress, depreciate) and dispute this all you want, but you will not find a more exemplary selfie photographer. Kim K is a photographer who helped define the selfie genre in the Instagram-and-smartphone epoch of the Digital Revolution. Kim K: Photographer. Absolutely. Kim K: hugely influential photographer. And, add to that one more ... Kim K: visual artist. For there is no question that she has developed her own unique visual language in photography: super-slick, super-minimal, super-contrived, and ... super-vacuous.

Also, statistically speaking, Kim K is one of the most popular photographers in the history of photo-image-making: 59 million persons currently subscribe to her micro-blogging account on Instagram. Which other photographer can compete with that? Her popularity on Instagram is greater than all other named photographers added up together--all-the-great-and-good-and-hip photographers en masse, pooled, don't get close (E.g., Petra Collins - 789k followers; Nick Knight - 517k followers; Ellen von Unwerth - 458k; followers; David LaChapelle - 162k followers; Olivier Zahm - 112k followers; Rankin - 103k followers; Tim Walker - 42k followers; Liz Collins - 27k followers ... etc.).

(4 September 2018)