Detail from Caitlyn Kirby video

Above: A still from the voyeuristic video made of Caitlyn Kirby and Neville Fox. Credit: Unknown videographer.


The Caitlyn Kirby video clip is fascinating as a document of authentic transgression of everyday drudgery and in fact its atmosphere of the banal mixed with riveting lust is definitely redolent of the opening of Bataille's The Story of the Eye. In that text a simmering flirtation between two adventurers is transformed exactly so by a "moment of madness" when Simone takes off her knickers and sits down on a saucer of milk on the floor, at which she asserts, "Milk is for the pussy, isn't it?" Kirby's aftermath comment made to a The Sun reporter is absolutely in keeping with the Bataillian aura of recklessness and brazenness that abounds, "It’s been a really mad week. I think I might move to Brazil to get away from it all." The most extreme intensifier of the video's mise en scene (if I may) is the outright voyeurism of the youths who actually filmed the clip--their faintly amused coarse comments heard on the soundtrack as they gaze at the scene before them adds to the ambience of nihilistic decadence that no fine-art video-artist could hope to match. The fact that the video clip cost nothing to produce to anyone--but shame--also adds to the seeping decadent mood which Blue Velvet-period David Lynch was aiming at.

(23 February 2018)