A photo by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Above: A relative of a Palestinian killed at the Israel-Gaza border reacts at a hospital in the southern Gaza Strip. Credit: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa.

The Voyeur Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa is a voyeur. (ODE: A person who enjoys seeing the pain or distress of others). He is a sadistic voyeur. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa hides behind the facade of news-gathering to disguise his vile obsession. ("One assignment that excited me was taking pictures of people smuggling goods through tunnels between Rafah and Egypt. It made me feel like I was living in another world.") Ibraheem Abu Mustafa is a rather disgusting fellow. He is employed by Voyeurs R US Central, aka Reuters News Agency. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa goes around hunting for people in misery and pain and then starts photographing them usually without their permission. Not much of a photographer this guy, but he sure is a world-class prying voyeur. News website The Guardian, voice of the liberal left, published the above photo on 21 May 2018, under the headline "Twenty photographs of the week." The Guardian encourages and celebrates sadistic voyeurism, and has scant interest in protecting and respecting the privacy rights of humans. (The Right to Privacy is Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.) To the Editor of The Guardian website, procuring and publishing photos of human suffering and human misery is much more important than Human Rights.

(13 May 2018)