Hacked nude iCloud

Above: An image from the Internet purporting to be hacked from a celebrity iCloud storage account. Credit: Scandalplanet.com

Hack Nude icloud

One current trend in photos-of-interest on the World Wide Web is images that purport to have been hacked from a celebrity's iCloud storage of personal digital photo-snaps. Photos of a famous person (often an actress) naked have been a perennial novel interest for some since at least Lillian Gish-era Hollywood (circa. 1910-30).

The brazen porno-photo is uninteresting (and unarousing) to many precisely because of its full-on shamelessness and fearlessness. The draw and attraction of the stolen nude photo is its possible quality of intimacy and affection.

For those interested in seeking out on the Internet stolen cherished photos of celebrities there is one basic complicating factor: veracity or trustworthiness. It is getting easier and easier to successfully replace a head in Photoshop and there are ever more technicians who can do it seamlessly and convincingly.

Hacked photos, and those which purport to be hacked photos, are always subject to the Principal Rule of images on the Internet: they are undecidable. Any such photo may be real, or may not be real, it is not possible to know with certainty.

(8 April 2018)