Young woman

Above: Above: Young woman in a black body. Credit: Xusenru/Pixabay.

Old Photo of Ex

There is no image, in all of photography, as loaded, evocative, and nostalgia-inducing (SOED: regret or sentimental longing; regretful or wistful memory or imagining), as an old photo of one's ex.

You have moved on with your life, and you most likely have a new partner. And so your ex has moved on with his or her life too. All that remains of the former relationship are the memories (which both retain), and a some scant scraps of evidence, such as a few old photos.

Such an old photo is bittersweet and also taboo: if you keep it, even as a digital file stuck away on a hard-drive, there is always the suspicion that you are clinging onto tender feelings for the person. Old photos of exes are always apt (SOED: suited, fitted, adapted, prepared/ready for/to) to spark jealousy, misunderstandings and so forth.

Such a photo often has a remarkable searing poignancy: it is evidence of what-might-have-been. A reminder of a relationship, once so hopeful and loving, that came to nothing.

(19 January 2019)