High school

Above: High school. Credit: Rawpixel.

Revenge Porn

The victim of revenge porn is humiliated, distraught, and sometimes suicidal. And laws are being passed in many developed countries making the malicious sharing of any such amateur homemade porn, a crime. Given that such a photograph can literally ruin the life of the person depicted, it is surprising that making photos during sex is not an absolute social taboo. Asking a new sexual partner to have sex without a condom/protection is socially coded as absolutely unacceptable and any request for such will be declined--the risk of viral infection/STD is unknown; an unreasonable risk. But isn't a photo made during sex also an unreasonable risk? Such a photo is known to be potentially lethal ... so why does anyone take the chance? Asking for photos during sex should be a request as horrifying as asking for bareback sex. This is probably something that should be taught in life-skills classes in high school/secondary school. No photos.

(27 January 2018)