Couple using a selfie-stick

Above: A couple capture a double self-portrait using a selfie-stick telescopic extender. Credit: Slaunger.

The Stick

Don't hate selfie-sticks. They are just telescopic extenders fitted with a cradle for smartphone. It's not nice to hate a telescopic extender. They are too boring to hate surely--they are only £9.99. And you can buy one in many places like shops that sell (not much else but) phone-cases, so they are readily available. Why do you have to find this telescopic extender so embarrassing? It is well designed and cleverly engineered so that it will fit almost any smartphone in it. Is it really wrong to want that extra 70cm reach when I take a selfie of me with my girlfriend? We came to London and we take photos with it, with us both in, using the extra 70cm reach that the extended stick gives us. We have some selfies of us together with the London skyline behind us--taken on Waterloo Bridge. And we have got some selfies of the two of us together with the London Eye behind us. The best photo we took using our selfie-stick extender is us two together posing in front of Kensington Palace where Meghan and Harry live. So grand! We would like to live in a Palace together. Tomorrow we are going back to Bologna where we live. I don't think we will use the telescopic extender that much after we get back home. I might give it to my Mum.

The above paragraph is literary fiction but it could easily be real couldn't it? As the British novelist Kingsley Amis famously argued: Snobbery has to start somewhere. And in photography, selfie-stick use is where snobbery starts. Almost any photographer who takes pictures often enough to call themselves a photographer reviles, scorns and vilifies the selfie-stick, and the selfie-stick user. This telescopic extender which gives 70cm of extra reach for selfies has got to be the most unpopular photo-accessory in the history of photography.

(27 September 2018)