Photo-books on display at Tate Modern

Above: A photograph depicting the photo-book display-table at Tate Modern on 27 August 2018. Credit: Oscopic.

Tate Displays

The above image depicts some of the photo-books on display at the Tate Modern bookstore on 27 August 2018. The photo shows their main (and only) photo-book table. Allow me to furnish some biographical material on some of those photographers featured: Saul Leiter - died 2013, age 89; Dorothea Lange - died 1965, age 70; Robert Frank - living, age 93; William Eggleston - living, age 79; Joel Meyerowitz - living, age 80. Luigi Ghirri - died 1992 ... Ansel Adams - died 1984, age 82 ... August Sander - died 1964, age 87 ...

I think it is fair to observe from this evidential photo that serious artistic photography has ossified (ODE: turn into bone, cease developing; stagnate). It's not like there were young-and-trendy photographers featured elsewhere in the Tate bookshop. And this is not only about what Tate want to promote, because the Tate bookstore is very responsive to customer sales--in other words, these books are out on display because they are already the ones that sell well. So, this ossification process is customer-driven too. Art photography is becoming a mainly historical art-form--like jazz and opera. This is what I take-away from looking at this photo-document.

(3 September 2018)