Above: A Wolfgang Tillmans installation of photos in a gallery. Credit: Fair use.


I have edited Adrian Searle's 2017 review of Tillmans at Tate Modern for brevity. Edited this way it reads very well as a general review of the glut of photo-images encountered on Instagram.

Room after room, turn after turn, Tillmans' Tate Modern exhibition teems with images ... They take account of our mobility and insatiable hunger for the next thing ... Tillmans' asks us to make connections of all kinds--formal, thematic, spatial, political. After a while it all starts to tumble through me ... A whole world is here ... a Delhi morning, Shanghai nights, Port-au-Prince and Lima seen from the air. Everything collides ... the world roars on.--Adrian Searle, 14 Feb 2017

(25 January 2019)