Kensington Library

Above: Kensington Library. Credit: Designyournight.

Use It or Lose It

In the age of the mass proliferation of the image the art gallery space becomes even more hallowed as a privileged critical-reflective space than ever before. It starts to feel like it's essential--a necessity. That is all very easy to say and pay lip-service to as a sentiment. However, if you actually do believe that the art space is so important in our culture then it is also going to be necessary to physically go along and visit it.

Many of the art spaces record the numbers of visitors with a clicker near the entrance. If very few visit, then funding for the space might be reduced, or cut altogether. The art space is somewhat like one's local library. It is east to rant about what an important cultural-educational resource it is, but do we ever actually use them? And this is why many libraries are closing: under-use. Thinking highly of an art space is not the same as supporting it by visiting it regularly. It's going to be "use it or lose it" in the long run.

(5 December 2018)