A home for sale in Kensington

Above: A typical estate agency photograph--a home for sale in Kensington, London. Credit: rightmove.co.uk

Wedding Day Holding Strong

Wedding-day and estate agent photography are the two least glamorous (plain, drab, boring) aspects of pro-photography work. Notwithstanding their low standing as photo-commissions, the fact remains that these two types of work have been demonstrably extremely resilient and robust in the face of the Digital Revolution.

Both activities are carried on much as they were already by, say, 1970. In terms of shooting, nothing of any significance has changed in the last fifty years. Whereas, in this same time period, photo-genres such as news-reportage, the snapshot, and fashion photography, have been completely transformed.

In the case of estate agent photo-shoots, the mildly distorting (and so flattering) wide-angle 24 mm lens reigns supreme now as it has done for decades. And in the case of the wedding-day photo-shoot, the client-desired list of required photos are prescribed and set-in-stone now as they have also been for decades--precisely because of the tight-and-defined shot-list, the wedding-day photographer will surely eventually be superseded by the wedding-day AI drone-cam.

Wedding-day photography and estate agent photography are two granite rocks of pro photo-practice: unmoved and impervious as the rushing white-water of the Digital Revolution cascades all around. It is sweet revenge for the lowly and oft-derided Weddings and Estates photographers. As they do say: He who laughs last laughs longest.

(20 April 2018, revised 1 October 2018)