Above: Hiroshi Yuasa outside court. Credit: Brais Rouco/PA.

Hiroshi Yuasa

The worst photographers series. Hiroshi Yuasa, 38, from Japan, was fined £2000 at Westminster magistrates court on 1 February 2019, and told to pay £400 compensation to a woman he made upskirt photos of. He was also told to pay a £170 victim surcharge and £400 prosecution costs--a total of £2970. Yuasa was found with several upskirt images and videos on his mobile phone after he was detained by police at Victoria Underground Station on 16 April 2018. Police who investigated found photographs, "ranging from pictures of the face as well as pictures up the skirts," court documents said. The charge said: "It was reported that you were observed crouched down behind a female passenger with your hand extended under her skirt taking a photograph with your mobile phone." Crown Prosecutor Matthew Barrowcliffe said: "The defendant was seen by an independent witness standing very close to the victim. The witness believed the defendant was suspicious where he was standing. She saw him bend down and when he got up he retrieved his phone. The light on the phone was lit up. She informed the victim and they told the police--and through CCTV footage he was discovered."

With his unsettling surgical mask and cheap brief case, Yuasa appears as a real-life Traven or Dr Robert Vaughan (from Ballard's Crash and Atrocity Exhibition). Yuasa has an obsessive fascination with voyeuristically photographing womens' knickers without consent.

(2 February 2019)